Caleb Plant Wins The IBF Super Middleweight Championship with a Dominant Performance Over Jose Uzcategui

The scene Saturday night in Los Angeles, California, was electric. The Microsoft Theater played host to a prime-time Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) on Fox event featuring Jose “Bolivita” Uzcategui, 28-3 (23 KOs), as faced off against Caleb “Sweethands” Plant, 18-0 (10 KOs) for the IBF World Super Middleweight Championship. The victor would move foward in a division sure to become loaded with a fresh mix of fighters recently joining the 168 pound ranks.

Plant found success to the body early in the first against Uzcategui as he stalked forward, looking land. Plant’s defensive prowess as on display towards the end of the round as he made Uzcategui miss wildly. Plant continued to use his jab and footwork from the outside to pepper Uzcategui with shots in the second and dropped Uzcategui with a left hook around a minute into the round. Uzcategui was able to successfully recover as he was partially off balance. Plant continued to work his game and Uzcategui was able to land a few solid shots though nothing truly significant.

Plant again used his athleticism in the third as the plodding Uzcategui continued to find himself missing his power punches. Plant additionally mixed in good bodywork. Uzcategui, though, remained on the front foot looking to get off combinations but showed some frustrations from not being able to cleanly land of the elusive Plant. Two fighters found themselves in a heavy exchange in the fourth round and Plant caught Uzcategui with an even harder left hook that dropped him for the second time in the fight. Plant had at this point clearly made his intentions known.

Plant looked very comfortable in the fifth as he opened up, landing clean combinations on the seemingly reluctant to throw Uzcategui. Blood flowing from the right eye of Plant at this point was simply a garnish on top of what was an excellent performant to this point. Both fighters came out very aggressive in the sixth as they each landed on succeeding exchanges early. Uzcategui continued to push forward, even when getting caught with big shots from Plant out of exchanges, in an effort to land his own.

The two fighters again went toe-to-toe early in the seventh round. Both fighters landed big hooks during exchanges. Plant continued to plant his feet and land his hard left hook to the head yet Uzcategui never stopped moving forward. Plants corner encouraged him to slow things down behind the jab in between rounds. Uzcategui started the eighth round with a nice multi-punch combination. Halfway through, Plant again capped a combination with a hard left hook that snapped Uzcategui’s head. The two fighters spent the latter part of the eight on the inside where Plant still found success.

Uzcategui was able to get off his left hook on the inside during the ninth. Uzcategui landed a hard shot that hurt Plant on the inside as Uzcategui increased his pressure looking to take Plant out. This resulted in him landed a number of clean uppercuts but Plant was able to tie him up and found success near the end of the round. Uzcategui came out of his corner with a very determined look in the 10th and Plant used his jab on the outside. Uzcategui caught Plant with a big right hand that snapped his head and continued to press the action on the seemingly fading Plant. Uzcategui was finding success with uppercuts from the inside though Plant himself would answer back with the same type of punches. This was sure to set the tone to a climatic 11th and 12th round, the championship rounds.

Plant stayed on the outside early in the 11th and used the jab to keep Uzcategui at bay.  After about a minute in, Uzcategui was able to close the distance and the two fighters saw themselves wresting on the inside. Plant was able to make Uzcategui miss with wide shots as Uzcategui looked to change the moment of the fight once again. Uzcategui knew he needed the knockout to win and came out looking for such in the 12th. Plant, though, would not allow for any form of such as he was able to successfully stick and move, using his lateral footwork to make Uzcategui miss the majority of his shots as in previous rounds. Plant celebrated with confidence as the bell rang in what was a cleary dominant effort on his part. It all was now in the hands of the judges.

Officially, the fight went down as a unanimous decision victory for Caleb Plant with scores of 116-110, twice, and 115-111. Plant was jubilant and emotional after a long journey that finally paid off with championship gold.

18-year-old prospect, Joey Spencer, 6-0 (6 KOs), didn’t take long to get rid of Brandon Harder, 2-2 (1 KO). Spencer picked up the knockout at 1:27 of the second round. Brandon Figueroa, 18-0 (13 KOs), blasted through Moises Flores, 25-2 (17 KOs), dropping him twice, to pick up a third“ round technical knockout victory at 1:35 to open Fox telecast.

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