Daniel Dubois Destroys Razvan Cojanu: What’s America’s Answer to this Future World Champion?

Britain’s Heavyweight future continues to shine brighter and brighter. Daniel “Dynamite” Dubois, 10-0 (9 KOs), continues to show that the hype can be considered very real. On Friday, March 8th, Dubois destroyed Razvan Cojanu, 16-6 (9 KOs), in their WBO European World Heavyweight title match-up at Royal Albert Hall. Though the fight made it into the second round, Cojanu was doomed from the jump. While there were a number of punches that led to the knockout, it was a left to right hook combination that essentially turned out Cojanu’s lights. Cojanu tried his damndest to answer the count but the outcome was inevitable.

Now, Cojanu is never going to be confused as the best Heavyweight in the world, but he did recently go the distance with the likes of Joseph Parker and Nathan Gorman, the latter this past year. Anytime Cojanu has stepped up the competition, aside from the two aforementioned fights, he’s been knocked out. As a matter of fact, each of his three knockout losses came in the second round. Styles make fights, of course. One could argue that Cojanu is damaged goods at this point, but I’m not buying it. There just seems to be something very special about the 21-year-old Dubois.

Dubois defeated the oft hard to knockout out Kevin Johnson in his previous fight in October 2018. The Cojanu match-up was his first major splash of 2019. In an interview with Boxing Scene only a day ago, Dubois made it clear that he would knock out Gorman, another Heavyweight prospect on the rise. As previously mentioned, Gorman went the distance with Cojanu, but styles make fights. It would be a great fight were the two to face each other later this year and it would certainly make the case for who’s potentially the next big ‘worldwide’ star from the British Heavyweight ranks.

All of that stated, I look across the American Heavyweight landscape and asked myself a simple question.

What’s America’s answer to Daniel Dubois?

Joshua City

To open up the pool a bit, this includes both North America and South America, and everything in between. Dubios is young and hungry, and seems to be a wrecking machine. If we look a few years down the road when he’s faced even better competition and developed further, who in the entirety of the western hemisphere will be able to compete with this eventual future world champion. That’s a question I can’t answer at the moment. While the United States of America has traditionally produced great Heavyweight’s over the years, it’ll be interesting to see if there will be one of those great potential champions while Dubois is in his prime. Then again, maybe Anthony Joshua v Daniel Dubois is the true Heavyweight clash of the future.

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