Errol Spence, Jr. Easily Dominates Mikey Garcia to Keep IBF Welterweight Title!!

The atmosphere was electric on Saturday, March 15, 2019, in the state of Texas. Dallas Cowboys stadium played host to the IBF World Welterweight Championship title fight between defending champ, Errol “The Truth” Spence, Jr., 25-0 (21 KOs), as he took on another pound for pound standout, Mikey Garcia, 39-1 (30 KOs). This was a Fox Sports PPV. Okay, no more of the stuff you already know, this is how the action went down.

Round one kicked off proper with Spence leading behind the jab as he sought to establish his dominance being the champion. The first decent shot was Spence landing a straight to the body of Garcia midway through. Garcia started to move forward in the latter part of the round using his jab as the catalyst. The first ended with little definitive action as both fighters felt each other out.

Both fighters met each other in the middle in round two as they continued to try and find their groove. Garcia continued to move forward though Spence was more active with his punching getting in the occasional straights to the body. Garcia finally connected with a right hand to the chest near the minute mark which allowed him to open up more as he connected with a solid left hook to the body. Spence, though, didn’t let up and continued to get off his left hand as the fight started to pick up.

Spence started the third with an immediate straight left to the body. Spence continued to use the left straight to the body through the middle part of the round as he looked to regain stature. Garcia was able to catch Spence with two short left hooks before being caught with a solid left from Spence. The action started to pick up and both fighters seemed to be loose at this point.

The fourth round saw Spence start to put more mustard on his punches as he landed a solid left hook to Garcia’s head early. Spence continued to use the jab to mix things up. Spence was able to get in another solid left hook to Garcia’s head near the minute mark before opening up with a set of three unanswered shots. Spence started to really feel the momentum towards the end of the fourth as he continued to land but Garcia did battle back to include landing a solid right to the head.

Garcia landed a solid straight early in the fifth and started to throw more as he looked to break Spence’s guard. Spence remained poised as he was able to control the distance from the outside which forced some missed punches from Garcia. Spence was able to keep the left active through the end of the round.

At the halfway point, sixth round, Spence started things out with another hard left straight that landed solidly to Garcia’s face. Spence started to open up with hooks to the body and continued to mix in left hooks to the head. Midway through, Spence was able to land a head-snapping left hook and followed this up with a two-punch combination that got Garcia’s attention. Garcia threw back and forced Spence to the ropes though nothing of significance landed.

The action slowed down a bit through the first part of round seven as both fighters seemingly looked to gain a breather. Spence continued to use his jab and essentially nullified any forward progress that Garcia sought to make. Garcia, though, threw a number of shots but nothing solidly landed.

In the eighth, Spence came out active with the jab as he was essentially in full control. The two fighters had an early exchange where each was able to land. About a minute in, Spence was able to get off a heavy three-punch combination that moved Garcia. Spence again opened up with another combination that led to a wide-open left hook towards the very end of the round.

Spence continued to stalk Garcia in the ninth as he looked to be aiming at getting him out. Spence was able to land a solid left let to the head following the jab, to include capping it with a hard left hook to the body. Spence then started to open up in totality as he got off a number of unanswered combinations to the head of Garcia. Garcia was essentially in no position to land anything to combat what Spence was offering.

In the 10th, Spence continued to press forward he looked to maintain dominance. Garcia continued to throw back as he looked to show his corner that he was still in the fight. The two fighters found themselves working on the inside through the majority of the round before Spence again started to open up with a number of hooks to the head of Garcia. Spence never forgot to go to the body as he continued to work in straights and hooks to the body. In the latter part of the round Garcia was able to land a few hooks to answer Spence’s shots, but Spence only opened up more.

The 11th saw Spence come out with bad intentions again as he laid in a barrage of shots to the body of Garcia while mixing in left hooks to the head. Garcia at this point had no answer for what Spence was doing offensively and found himself continually on the defensive as he tried to hold off the shots. Spence continued to unload with about 30 seconds remaining as he showed that he was clearly the bigger and more dominant fighter. Garcia was essentially in survival mode at this point.

In the 12th and final round, Spence came out on the front foot as he had in the previous rounds looking to apply damage. The fighters were again battling on the inside but Spence was clearly landing the harder and more effective puncher. Spence caught Garcia with a barrage of hard combination shots with about 30 seconds left though Garcia remained game and held on through the remainder of the fight.

When it was all said and done the fight officially went down as a unanimous decision victory for Spence with scores of 120-107 and 120-108 (2x). The myth and mystic of Spence remains the same. Spence called out Pacquiao, face to face in the ring, for his next fight. Stay tuned fight fans.

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