Fei Faiva x Anyela Lopez Fight to a Draw in Georgia: Three Fight 1st Round KO Streak Comes to an End for ‘Lady Tyson’|#86Media #86Boxing

New York-based Super Featherweight prospect Fei “Lady Tyson” Faiva, 4-0-1 (3 KOs) saw her three-fight first-round knockout streak come to an end via a draw with Anyela Lopez, 1-1-1 (0 KOs) in Jonesboro, Georgia. The fight was broadcasted live on Pay-Per-View via the BPE Network as a part of Bigg Time Promotions’ Pro Championship Series. The fight was scheduled for four rounds and it looked as though things had the potential to end early as Faiva started fast, ripping her strong left hook though Lopez was able to successfully gauge the distance to stave off Faiva’s attack in the first round. Lopez worked behind a long jab taking advantage of the four inches in reach she had over Faiva. This forced Faiva to temper her expectations early on though she was able to land the most significant punch of the fight thus far with a snapping left hook just before the bell.

In the second, Faiva came out at a quick pace early and was able to land a big left hook that snapped the head of Lopez and forced her back. Lopez, ever game, continued to try and work behind the jab though Faiva did a better job of closing the distance and keeping the fight within range for her power punches to gain the momentum heading into the third. Faiva again remained on the front foot to start the third as Lopez employed more movement and looking to re-establish her jab work. Faiva threw her jab in spots which helped to set up some hooks, but Lopez continued to throw her right straight behind the jab to find success.

In the fourth and final round, Faiva came out with continued urgency looking to land a big shot on Lopez who remained poise as she continued to paw with her jab. Faiva showed her defensive prowess as well in slipping a number of consecutive punches midway through. Faiva was able to again close distance and found success landing the left hook to close things out. In the end, the scores read 38-38, twice, and one score of 40-37 though the announcer didn’t articulate for which fighter. Both fighters have the opportunity to build from this draw as each was able to find success in their strong areas. For Faiva, she’ll look to get back to her winning as she moves forward having fought five times since her September 2020 debut. With that, stay tuned fight fans.

For more on Fei Faiva check out the 86Boxing exclusive article on her beginnings and plans moving forward. Follow Faiva on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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