Jaime Munguia Defeats Takeshi Inoue Via Unanimous Decision in an Exciting Scrap!

Houston, Texas, was witness to a stellar card on Saturday, January 26, 2019, that saw a DAZN main event featuring the young and hot-shot WBO World Super Welterweight Champion out of Mexico, Jaime Munguia, 32-0 (26 KOs), facing off against Japan’s Takeshi Inoue, 13-1-1 (7 KOs). Inoue was aggressive in round one and pressed Munguia towards the ropes throwing his overhand right. Inoue was warned by the referee for rabbit punches. Munguia chose to bounce around on the outside at a slower pace earlier in the round. Mungiua was successfully able to show that his jab would be effective for the night.

Inoue came out the gates in the second round in similar fashion to the first as he looked to get inside on Munguia. Munguia, though, showed that he’d been working on polishing his game. Mungia was able to land his left hook to the head and body. Munguia was also able to land the right straight from distance. Mungia started well in the third and continued to work behind the jab. Inoue continued to chase Mungia trying to land his wild hooks on the inside. Mungia landed a pair of solid right hooks to the body that got Inoues attention in the latter part of the round. Inoue while not polished, chose to bull his way on the inside, head first. This, as expected, resulted in a cut on his left eye in this round.

Munguia was very sharp early in the fourth as he was able to pick Inoue off with the jab and right hook from the outside. Midway through, Munguia was able to land solid uppercuts to the head and body that moved Inoue. Near the very end of the round, the momentum shifted and Inoue was able to pin Munguia to the ropes and land a pair of hard right hooks with authority. Munguia was successful on the outside in the early part of the fifth before Inoue momentarily closed the distance midway through and landed the right hooks on the inside again. Munguia was able to get back into his flow and started to land a number of hard hooks in combination. Munguia maintained this through the remainder of the round which he capped with a set of hard hooks to the head near the 10-second marker.

The sixth was an explosive round for both fighters as there were a number of back and forth exchanges. Playing to the script of the fight, Inoue found his best success on the inside with looping hooks to Munguia’s head. The precision punches of Munguia were very effective as he fought fire with fire, landing several three punch combinations capped by solid left hooks. Mungia worked the body early in the seventh landing hard left hooks. His combination work was started to get through more effectively on Inoue who continued to stalk Munguia on the front foot. Inoue was able to get in two right hooks as he caught Munguia against the ropes near the tail end of the round. Munguia, though, landed a number of combinations with 10 seconds left before being caught with a head-snapping right hook from Inoue as the bell rang.

Mungias left hook remained effective early in the eight as he continued to use the jab to maintain distance. Inoue remained scrappy and again got in a set of solid right hooks to the head of Mungia against the ropes, midway through. Munguia fought back with hooks of his own off of the jab, but Inoue continued to force him back and land the right hook over the top to Munguias head, even mixing in some body work. Munguia closed the round with a three punch body to head combination. Munguia stayed on the backfoot in the ninth but Inoue was able to cut him off to work in some right and left hooks to the head. Munguia still continued to land the left hook to the head via combination. Inoue again pressed Munguia against the ropes and got off several unanswered shots, the right hook being the punch of choice. Munguia remained game and threw combinations back and ultimately caught Inoue with two hard left and right hooks to the body that seemed to hurt Inoue.

The two fighters charged straight into each other and started to throw hard shots on the inside in the 10th. Munguia continued to land crushing hooks to Inoue’s body. This allowed for him to continue landing his left to the head as well. Inoue continued to move forward even though he was getting tagged and landed a hard right hook out of nowhere that hurt Munguia at the 00: 45-second mark of the round. Inoue continued to press forward looking to land the hook again. Munguia showed great heart and caught Inoue with a hellacious left hook that opened him up for a multi-punch, unanswered set of hooks to the head. Inoue almost went down from one of the shots but was somehow able to regain his balance.

Munguia came out focused in the 11th and continued to land combinations to the head of Inoue. Munguia’s punches were snapping Inoue’s head and it looked as though Munguia was poised to take complete control. Inoue, though, bounced back in the latter part of the round and caught Munguia with his hard right hook again and looked to close things himself. Munguia refused to give in and started fire back before ultimately regaining his preferred distance on the outside as he worked the jab prior to the round’s close.

In the 12th and final round Munguia came out moving but still chose to throw combinations, landing the left hook to the head and body of Inoue. This seemed to fuel Inoue even more as he continued to bull his way in throwing his looping right. Munguia mustered up enough enrgy to outwork Inoue through the tail end of the round as his combinations were still flowing and landing with some authority. The two fighters closed the fight to a standing ovation in what was an exciting back and forth fight.

When it was all said and done, Munguia won the fight via unanimous decision. Munguia showed much grit during this fight and will move forward in 2019 as one of the hottest tickets in the sport as every one of his fights seem to end up being action packed.

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