Jama Saidi Wins UD Over Tomi Silvennoinen in Berlin

Germany’s Jama Saidi, 18-2 (7 KOs) took on Finnish Super Welterweight Tomi Silvennoinen, 9-3 (5 KOs) in a 10 round Super Welterweight contest which took place in Berlin, Germany, at the AGON Sportpark. A vacant German International (BDB) title was up for grabs. He’s how 86Boxing saw the action.

The first round started off with both looking to gain the edge with the jab though Silvennoinen was able to get in a good mix to both the head and body. Saidi was able to land his straight right a couple of times when he was able to find an opening. True to his style, Saidi pressed forward most of the round and caught Silvennoinen with a couple of good rights during an exchange near the bell.

Silvennoinen started t oincrease his power punch output early in the second as he and Saidi jockeyed for position. Saidi had success catching Silvennoinen with his straight right as he backed out. The fighters generally kept the action in the middle of the ring where each were able to have their moments.

Silvennoinen started the third landing two solid left hooks to the body of Sadai. Saidi opened up with a combination of his own caped by a right hook to the body in return. The fighters again found themselves each landing grazing shots in the middle of the ring in a hotly contested technical battle. Near the latter part of the round Saidi used his jab to open up an exchange where he landed two solid right hands on Silvennoinen’s face to close the round .

Saidi stayed behind the jab to start the fourth as he looked to keep the momentum he’d continued to gain over the last few rounds. Saidi was able to catch Silvennoinen with a three-punch combination near the ropes early. Near the 1:15 mark of the round, Saidi was able to land a solid overhand right as Silvennoinen’s face was starting to show the markings of some of the shots landed by Saidi. Saidi landed a hard right just at the bell to close the round. Silvennoinen would need a strong second half in order to overcome the early work in favor of Saidi to this point.

Saidi landed a solid four-punch combination to start things off in the fifth as he refused to let up on the offensive. Saidi was able to again catch Silvenoinnen with his ropes to the back and get off a multi-punch combination that was unanswered. Silvennoinen seemed to still be having trouble figuring out the movements of Saidi who remained posed to this point. Saidai again let off a number of unanswered shots towards the tail end of the round which ensured he continued to maintain a comfortable lead.

To start the sixth, Saidi continued to press forward behind his jab and high guard as he looked to maintain the wide lead he had thus far. Silvennoinen punch output had dropped a great deal over the past two rounds and his mouth was open showing that some exhaustion was kicking in. Silvennoinen was able to get off a number of hooks midway through as he seeming caught a second gust of wind. Saidi’s output seemed to dip a bit in the round as well.

In the seventh, Saidi came out with a bit more energy to start things by comparison to the previous round. Silvennoinen, though, seemed to have gained a bit of momentum from the last round as he closed the distance to get off shots on Saidi on the inside. Saidi continued to work his jab and was able to land the straight right on occasion. Both fighters were tired at this point but it was Silvennoinen who seemed to be coming on more.

Both fighters were patient to start the eighth as they knew the last several rounds would be critical. Silvennoinen landed the first significant shots of the round with a right to the body followed by a left hook to the head. Saidi found himself missing more shots as the fight went on. Silvennoinen seemed to be the dictating the pace at this point as he was able to slip a number of Sadi’s punches and rebound with hooks of his own. Saidi remained game and was able t oget off a few solid right hands to close the eighth round as Silvennoinen output slowed.

Saidi seemed to have a bit more juice in his step as the ninth started. Silvennoinen was able to land the first punch with a left uppercut. the two fighters then found themselves in the middle of the ring agin where Saidi was able to land a straight right followed by a solid two punch combo. Silvennoinen was pressing forward at this point, likely knowing he was down, and started to tee off with a number of left and right hooks to the body of the now retreating Saidi. Saidi was pretty much on his wheels over the second half of the round as he seemed to be in need of a breather.

In the 10th and final round, Silvennoinen pressed forward as he continued to mix in shots to both the body and head of Saidi who remained on the back foot at this point. Saidi was able to find a spurt where he landed some grazing shots during an exchange near the midway point. With both fighters being tired each was looking for any remaining edge. Saidi again caught Silvennoinen with a solid combination of hooks and uppercuts capped by a solid right straight hand as Silvennoinen dropped his hands to finish off the round.

When the scores were read it was Jama Saidi who won via unanimous decision in what was a good fight where he was able to show his range. 86Boxing scored the fight 97-93 in favor of Saidi as well.

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