Jermall Charlo Passes Stiff Test In Sergiy Derevyanchenko to Show He’s Game & Ready For Any Middleweight!|#86Boxing #LionsOnly

In the headlining fight of the first main event for the #charlodoubleheader Showtime PPV, Jermall Charlo, 31-0 (22 KOs) put his World Boxing Council (WBC) World Middleweight title on the line against Sergiy Derevyanchenko, 13-3 (10 KOs) in his third bid for a world title. The action took place live from Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Both fighters looked poised to start round one as each used their jab to get a feel and cadence for the fight to come. Both fighters showed each other respect early on as they looked for the slightest advantage. Derevyanchenko did land a couple of right straights but it was Charlo’s jab that seemed to set the pace in what was a close round.

The second round started in similar fashion to the first as the two fighters continued to get an overall feel for the other. Charlo was able to land a decent right straight near the 2:00 mark. Charlo again was able to get in a nice left hook in response to as solid Derevyanchenko right hand at 1:30 of the round. Derevyanchenko got off a snapping left jab near the tail end of the round as the two fighters started to gain their fighting groove.

Charlo started to jab early in the third connecting with Derevyanchenko who was seeking an avenue in on the longer taller, longer Charlo. Derevyanchenko started to show visible damage to the left eye in this round for which Charlo was able to land his right off of the jab. Charlo hurt Derevyanchenko with a hard right hook which nearly dropped with under 10 seconds left in the round though Derevyanchenko was essentially saved by the bell.

Derevyanchenko came out the fourth landing a couple of hard rith straights that got Charlo’s attention as he fired back with a right of his own. Derevyanchenko seemed intent to step up the aggression in this round. Charlo landed a solid couple of left hooks in rebound as the round wore on. The two fighters were fully in their groove at this point. Each saw success in exchanges with under a minute left as Charlo looked to land with the right uppercut.

Charlo landed the right uppercut and snapped Derevyanchenko’s head in near the first minute of the fifth. Derevyahncheko was able to get off a solid three punch combination in response. The two fighters found themselves in close quarters with equal exchanges near the minute mark of the round. Derevyanchenko was cut in this round as blood started to drip from his right eye.

The sixth saw Derevyanchenko start out with two combinations. He was able to again catchCharlo with a solid right hand as the two fighters again continued to set an exciting pace.Dervyanchenko continued to throw his lead right from the outside and did find success. Charlo remained intent on landing his right uppercut, his best punch. Blood continued to flow from Derevyanchenko’s eye though he was starting to gain decent momentum.

The two fighters met on the inside exchanging solid shots early in the seventh round. Charlo started to press forward on the front foot with his popping jab. Derevyanchenko landed a solid hook which charlo followed with a right uppercut midway through the round. Charlo continued to work the jab in combination with his rights and looked to be the stronger fighter in the round. Derevyanchenko at this point was bleeding from both eyes having taken considerable damage to get his shots off on the inside.

Derevyanchnko came out with a bounce in his step to start the eight as he continued to try and find success with his right. The two fighters were again in a solid exchange halfway through the round as Derevyanchenko seemed to hurt Charlo who tried to maintain his high guard defense. Derveyanchenko landed a hard left hook on the inside near the minute mark of the round though Charlo was able to maintain poise though he was no longer throwing his jab at the same pace and velocity. Charlo landed a nice right before the round ended and again had Derevyanchenko on wobbly legs before the bell rang.

Charlo was aback on his jab to start the ninth as Derevyanchenko continued to look for another chance on the inside. The story at this point was Charlo’s overhand right which he landed solidly three times near the midway point of the round. Derevyanchenko’s pace had dropped to this point and he wasn’t as successfully navigating his way to the inside. Charlo continued to land his solid right uppercut and overhand right as Dereyanchenko’s right eye was nearly closed shut.

Charlo still looked poised and strong to start the 10th. He again got things cracking with a solid overhand right before the two fighters found themselves tied up. Derevyanchenko found a way to land a couple of solid right hooks on the inside midway through as he seemed to find an extra gear. He was successful in getting off a five punch combination near the minute mark of the round. Charlo started to lean on his jab to close the round but the game Derevyanchenko continued to press throwing his right.

At the start of the ‘championship rounds’ Derevyanchenko continued to have bounce as he was poised on getting the right hand off again. Charlo did a great job of controlling the range early on. Charlo landed two good left hooks in succession midway through but Derevyanchenko bounced back throwing and landing his right to the body. The two fighters again found themselves in close quarters on the inside near the end of the round as each found success.

In the twelfth and final round, it seemed that Derevyanchenko would need a knockout of considerable points gain. Derevyanchenko pressed forward throwing his right as the poised Charlo seemed to be controlling his output to ensure he didn’t put himself in a vulnerable position per instruction from trainer Ronnie Shields. Derevyanchenko was able to get on the inside and get off hard combinations to both the body and head of Charlo who was looking to survive the onslaught. Forever game, Derevyanchenko continued to eat any Charlo response in an effort to get off his shots, closing the show in excellent fashion.

When it was all said and done the judges scored the fight 116-112, 117-111, and 118-110 in favor of Jermall Charlo who retained his WBC 160 pound title in an excellent effort.

In earlier action, Brandon Figueroa, 20-0-1 (16 KOs) won a dominant victory over Damien Vazquez, 15-2-1 (8 KOs) to defend his World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Bantamweight title. John Riel Casimero, 30-4 (21 KOs) showed that he means with a third round stoppage victory over 24-1 (14 KOs) to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) Bantamweight title.

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