Marcus Browne Wins Interim WBA World Light Heavyweight Title With Victory Over Badou Jack

The aftermath of the weigh-in provided much anticipation for Saturday Night’s Light Heavyweight matchup between Badou Jack, 22-2-3 (13 KOs) and Marcus Browne, 23-0 (16 KOs). This fight was the co-main event for the Showtime Pay-Per-View fight between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

Teddy Atlas! You think you’ve got the best Light Heavyweight? Gvozdyk, lets go!

Marcus Browne

Both fighters seemed fairly tense in the early part of the first round before Browne first started to try and open things up with his long left hook. Both fighters made and effort and were successful to the body with single shots. Browne landed a solid three punch combo to cap round one. Browne looked to be the stronger fighter which was expected as given his experience at 175 pounds.

Both fighters had a slow start to the second though Browne seemed to take the lead. Browne was able to get in a hard left uppercut to the body of Jack, the best punch of the round to that point. Browne closed the round with a combination as he continued to hone in on Jack’s body. Brown landed an explosive three-punch combo to start the second, still focusing on the body. Jack continued to work behind the jab, closing range and was able to get in a few successful hooks to the body as Browne was against the ropes. Jack had to be warned by referee Tony Weeks for charging in head first during the round.

Browne continued the body commitment to start the fourth, putting much juice behind his shots. A southpaw, Browne kept the right jab active. Jack continued to cut the ring off and was getting closer inside on Browne where he was able to land some single shots to the body, but his overall volume wasn’t high. Both fighters had to be warned after a bit of wrestling on the inside in the fifth, mostly initiated by Jack. Jack continued to try and maul Browne against the ropes. Browne found an opening in the latter part of the round and was able to land a number of solid left hooks to the body of Jack, each landing with authority.

The two fighters came out aggressive in the sixth and this resulted in them getting tied up a number of times. Browne, though, continued to be the more effective puncher doing his best work from the outside. Jack didn’t seem to have an answer offensively to this point. Jack came out more active to start the seventh and was able to land some hooks to the side of Browne’s body on the inside. The inside wresting continued and the two fighters clashed heads which caused a cut in the middle of Jack’s forehead. The ringside physician allowed the fight to continue as the blood continued to stream down Jack’s face. Tony Weeks deducted a point from Browne for holding.

Browne pressured Jack early in the eight ad he continued to find range with the jab. Browne was able to land a solid set of hooks to the head and body that seemed to momentarily stun Jack. Browne continued to press forward and found himself landing more hard shots from range on the bloody Jack who’s face was fully crimson to this point. Not much separated the two fighters in the ninth though Browne continued to be the more active fighter. Jack did continue to do most of his work whenever he had Browne against the ropes.

Browne started the 10th getting off hard left hands before Jack turned him and started to land solid hooks of his own on the inside. Blood continued to stream down the face of Jack but he never let up on the pressure when close. Browne continue to throw the straight left to the body which seemed to push Jack back. Browne was impressive with the jab during this round and it allowed for him to get in hooks to the head as well.

In the 11th, Browne came out on the front foot and continued to let the jab hone in. He was able to land a hard left that seemed to hurt Jack and forced the blood to flow even more. After a quick check from the ringside physician, the bout was allowed to continue. It was more of the same from Browne as he was able to get in a good mix of punches. In the 12th and final round, Jack came out with the intent to apply pressure to Browne in what would be a last ditched effort. He was successful in the first minute as he was able to get in a few uppercuts to the body of Browne. There was a temporary delay as the lights in the arena went out for about three seconds, but things flowed without a hiccup. Browne understood the position he was in and continued to just bide his time and work from the outside to ensure he would secure what was sure to be a decision vitory.

When it was all said and done, the judges officially saw the fight as a unanimous decision victory for Marcus Browne with scores of .117-110, 116-111, and 119-108. He moves forward in his career to likely take on the winner of the upcoming Dmitry Bivol v Joe Smith, Jr., WBA Light Heavyweight title fight on March 9, 2019. Stay tuned.

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