Orlando Gonzalez Drops Luis Porozo Twice Leading To A Unanimous Decision Victory!|#86Press #86Boxing #TopRankonESPN

In an eight-round featherweight contest, undefeated Puerto Rican Orlando Gonzalez, 14-0 (10 KOs) took on Ecuadorian fighter Luis Porozo, 15-2 (8 KOs). Both fighters had a feel-out round in the first and neither fighter landed anything major. In the second, Porozo continued to come forward looking to land his overhand right but Gonzalez was able to time him just right to avoid the big shots. Near the end of the round, Gonzalez was able to landed a glancing left hook to the temple of Porozo who hit the floor. He was able to answer the count and the bell rang immediately after.

Porozo stepped up his offense early in the third throwing combinations on the then defensive Gonzalez. Gonzalez continued to remain patient as he looked to preserve his energy and avoid throwing wasted shots. Porozo, though, was tough for Gonzalez to his as the round wore on. Gonzalez landed a good left and right hook body combination on Porozo through the first minute of the fourth as he started to press. Gonzalez remained aggressive to finish the round though the two fighters found themselves tied up at a varying times.

An accidental low blow from Gonzalez stalled things early in the fight. When the action resumed, Porozo was able to catch Gonzalez with a hard straight right, his best punch of the fight. Gonzalez continued to press forward but was unable to land anything of significance for the remainder of the round. Gonzalez again landed a low blow early in the sixth which brought the fight to a stall again as Gonzalez was warned from the ref. Replays showed that the punch was on the belt-line but the foul wasn’t reviewable per Nevada replay rules. The script from the previous round played out once again as Gonzalez continued to press but was unable to land much on Porozo who was elusive and worked behind his jab.

The seventh got off to an ugly start as the two fighters continued to become tied up. Gonzalez again landed a shot that Porozo responded viewed as a low blow but the referee didn’t call it as such. It was Porozo who was landing the cleaner shots as the round continued forward. Gonzalez remained game and continued to press but seemingly had no real strategy for landing on Porozo. Out of nowhere, Gonzalez landed a left hook to the body that dropped Porozo, who was ultimately able to answer the count.

The final round was likely a critical round in the fight for Porozo who came out with a bit more aggression to start things as both fighters looked to win the exchanges. Again they found themselves getting tied up but when there was room, Porozo was able to land cleanly. Gonzalez was able to get off a multi-punch combination on Porozo as he was trapped in the corner. Gonzalez closed the round strong and raised his hands as a victor as the fight commenced. Ultimately, it came down to the judges.

When the scores were read Orlando Gonzales was the victor via unanimous decision with scores of 76-74 and 77-73 twice.

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