Robeisy Ramirez Dominates Adan Gonzales in Rematch for 4th Straight Victory!|#86Boxing #TopRankonESPN

In what may have been an unlikely grudge match heading into 2020 with two-time Cuban Olympic Gold Medalist Robeisy Ramirez, 4-1 (3 KOs), and Colorado native Adan Gonzales, 5-3-2 (2 KOs). Gonzales handed Ramiez a loss in his pro debut in August 2019. Ramirez came into that match with high hopes and it’s Gonzales who stole the show. That moment had been on the mind of Ramirez since and he went on a three-fight, three-knockout win streak leading up to their rematch on Thursday, July 2nd, the opening fight on the Top Rank on ESPN card.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

The two fighters had an intense staredown. Things started off slow in the first aa both fighters were tense. Ramirez was able to land the first decent combination midway through the round. Gonzalez was a bit more reserved with his offense as Ramirez was able to use great defense to absorb his punches when thrown.

Ramirez continued to look comfortable to start the second as Gonzales tried to find his offense but was continually thwarted. Ramirez let off a combination capped by a solid right hook midway through that landed flush on Gonzales. It was clear at this point that Ramirez was going to force Gonzales to try and cope with his elite level boing skill.Ramirez gave Gonzales a shoulder thrust that sent him flat on his back in the round as the referee warned the fighters to stop the wrestling.

Ramirez continued to look very sharp in the third round as Ramirez continued to engage in an ergonomic fashion as he chose to time Gonzales with his most effective shots. Gonzales was finding it hard to get off a solid shot with comfort and continued to find himself hitting Ramirez on the arms and elbows. Ramirez caught Gonzales with a hard left hook before landing a few more shots towards the end of the round and looked to be in full control of the match.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Ramirez continued to fully control the pace of the fight in the fourth round. Ramirez continued to stick his tongue out as a means to taunt Gonzales and show his confidence. Gonzales remained game but was unable to do anything to threaten Ramirez offensively. The fifth played out to a similar script to the other rounds as Ramirez continued to pick Gonzales apart from the outside. Ramirez started to tee off with combinations with about a minute left in the round as it was clear that he was to not be denied on this night.

In the sixth and final round of this featherweight contest Ramirez pressed forward on the front foot as he looked to close out the show while showing that Gonzales was not on his level. Ramirez continued to land with the jab and catch Gonzales cleanly with power punches when he threw them. He closed the round with a solid body shot that visibly hurt Gonzales at the bell. Ramirez picked up the unanimous decision victory with scores 60-54 from all judges in what was a dominant showing for Ramirez.

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