Ruben Torres Impresses With Stoppage Victory over Oscar Bravo|#86Boxing #86Press #thompsonboxing #321boxing

Ruben “Ace” Torres, 13-0 (11 KOs) and Oscar Bravo, 25-10 (11 KOs) were the co-featured Thompson Boxing Promotions 321 card was live on Sunday, July 26, in Omega Products International, Corona, California.

Bravo went straight to Bravo’s chest and let off punches on the inside to start the first round. Torres, the taller fighter, used his jab on the outside though Bravo was able to stifle many shots. Torres started to find his rhythm with the jab successfully in the second as he got off many clean shots on the forward plodding Bravo. In the third, Bravo’s output started to drop and Torress was able to get in several hooks to the head and body. Bravo continued to remain aggressive and was able to land shots in spurts on Torres to include a solid right to the body shortly before the ten-second marker.

The fourth round played to a similar script as Bravo remained the aggressor trying to get to the inside. The two fighters found themselves in an exchange as Torres was pressed to the ropes where he landed a hard left hook while Bravo got in a couple of nice body shorts. Torres maintained control through the round, and fight to this point. Torres hurt Bravo with a hard right hook midway through the fifth. From there Torres continued to press landing more hard hooks to the body as well while Bravo started to lose steam and found himself not throwing at times.

Bravo started to wear and lose steam in the sixth and repeatedly found himself missing Torres who was still fresh and active with his jab as he used it to set up clean right hooks. with about at 1:43. Torress picked up his 11th stoppage to boost his trajectory as he moves forward.

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