Tomi “Ice Hook” Silvennoinen Drops Controversial Decision Against Przemyslaw Zysk in Poland|#86Boxing #86Press

Boxing again saw controversy on Saturday night in Suwalki, Poland, when Przemyslaw Zysk, 14-0 (4 KOs) won a controversial decision over Finland’s Tomi Silvennoinen, 9-2 (5 KOs) in their Super-Welterweight contest live on TVP Sport. 86Boxing covered the action via the TVP Sport live stream.

The first big punch landed in the fight was a hard straight right that got Silvennoinen’s attention early. Silvennoinen was able to counter with a harder left hook shortly thereafter. Zysk fought on the outside using his jab. Silvennoinen landed a nice three-punch combination with about a minute left in the round and continued to find success with his right as Zysk became more cautious and started to use his legs. 

I’m the second, Silvennoinen started things out with a counter left hook after a partially blocked Zysk straight right. As the shorter fighter, Silvennoinen continued to press Zysk who was having trouble dealing with the inside work of Silvennoinen. Zysk continued to utilize his jab on the outside and found some success towards the end of the round. 

Silvennoinen again landed a hard left solid early in the third but Zysk was able to rebound with a hard right uppercut that snapped Silvennoinen’s head in an immediate exchange. Silvennoinen continued to invest work in Zysk’s body as he continued to press on the front foot through the middle of the round. Zysk though remained keen on utilizing his jab which helped to set up his shots. 

The fourth saw Zysk pressing on the front foot with more aggression to start the fourth. Silvennoinen was able to time Zysk forward charges. Midway through the round, Silvennoinen again landed a head-snapping left hook, a punch Zysk had yet to figure out. Both fighters had their moments to close the round but it was Silvennoinen landing the shots of significance. 

The first significant strike of the fight was a glancing overhand right landed by Silvennoinen as the two fighters started at a slower pace to start the second half of the fight. Silvennoinen used his jab to keep off Zysk when he tried to press forward. Zysk was able to land a left uppercut but seemed uncomfortable and reluctant when fighting while moving forward. 

Zysk landed a nice right uppercut on Silvennoinen followed by a straight right to kick things off in the sixth. Midway through, Silvennoinen landed a nice left and right hook to the body of Zysk before catching him with a hard right hook, pushing him against the ropes, and unloading with a flurry of shots with some blocked and a number getting through. Silvennoinen again caught Zysk with a solid left hook as he regained control of the round. 

Zysk came into the seventh trailing on our cards but wasn’t showing much urgency as his pace had slowed a great deal. Silvennoinen himself continued to press forward but it wasn’t until under a minute left before either fighter landed a shot of significance. Both fighters seemed to be posturing in anticipation of an intense final round. 

In the eight and final round, Silvennoinen came out aggressive landing hard hooks as he seemed intent on closing the show. This forced Zysk to respond, landing a couple of right straights, the best punch in his arsenal. The two fighters found themselves in the trenches in the middle of the ring as they looked for an edge in the round. Zysk pressed the action a bit more to close out the final round but it was Silvennoinen who had controlled the fight. 86Boxing scored the fight 77-75 in favor of Silvennoinen.

When the scores were read the judges had it 78-74 twice and 77-75 in favor of Zysk, giving him the unanimous decision victory. The scores certainly didn’t tell the story of the fight as Silvennoinen was unscathed while Zysk had all of the visual damage.

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